Dr. Kate Larkin, Lead Manager Marine Knowledge

Kate Larkin holds a BSc in Natural Sciences and a PhD (2006) in marine science from the University of Southampton Ocean and Earth Sciences, U.K. Her research expertise includes marine biogeochemistry, deep-sea environments (in particular benthic ecosystems), oceanic carbon cycling, oxygen minimum zones, bioluminescence and ocean observation (from infrastructures and time-series analysis to governance).

She has over 10 years’ experience working in European marine science and connecting science with policy, industry and wider society. Kate first worked for organizations in the U.K., including the National Oceanography Centre and Natural Environment Research Council, with roles spanning postdoctoral research and scientific management of European projects (FP6 EUR-OCEANS NoE; FP7 EuroSITES) to knowledge exchange of oceanography for industry and the defence sector.

In 2012 Kate joined the European Marine Board Secretariat, becoming Deputy Head (2015-2018) and including 5 months as Acting Head in 2017. Achievements include coordinating scientific foresight reviews for deep-sea research, marine protected areas and developing innovative solutions to the Marine Directive (MSFD) science-policy interface for the FP7 STAGES project. Her work involved regular interactions with related networks including JPI-Oceans, EuroMarine, EMODnet and EuroGOOS and dialogue with the European Commission and European Parliament. She also led EMB activities in ocean observation and marine research infrastructures. This included Navigating the future IV (chapter 11), and ocean observation coordination and governance development for the H2020 AtlantOS project and the wider European Ocean Observing community, developing Strategy, hands-on events and solutions to strengthen the capability and delivery of ocean observation and monitoring data products (see Call to Action, November 2018).

Kate joined Seascape Belgium in January 2019, bringing her marine science expertise together with skills in professional Secretariat operation, project management, scientific editing, science communication, scientific conference and event planning and stakeholder engagement. In this role, Kate is heading Seascape Belgium's Marine Knowledge activities and took on the role as Head of the Secretariat of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) since April 2023, after having served as Deputy Head from January 2019 till March 2023.