Dr. Debbie Tsang, Junior Project Officer

Debbie Tsang trained as a geologist. She holds an MPhil in Earth Sciences from the University of Hong Kong, and a PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Nagoya University, Japan. Her research focused mainly on the genesis of metallic ore minerals. At the beginning of her career, Debbie worked in the mineral exploration industry. She has experiences in exploration geologist and also mining consultant roles, and gained opportunities to work across the globe. The majority of the projects she involved in located in Western Pacific region, including China, Australia and Indonesia.

Debbie’s early experiences exposed her to witnessing how extraction of natural resources damages our mother Earth, both physically and chemically. She became desperate to contribute to environmental conservation work. Debbie later shifted her career focus to the field of resource sustainability, in which she dedicated herself to the facilitation and coordination of ESG projects. Besides local green projects initiated by an NGO in Hong Kong, she was also involved in overseas ESG projects conducted in Tanzania and DR Congo.

Before Debbie relocated to Belgium, she got a precious chance to work at the CUHK Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong, where she also contributed to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Hong Kong. The experience further enhanced her motivation to advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals.

At Seascape Belgium, Debbie will mainly support the coordination of EMODnet activities as a UN Ocean Decade Implementing Partner. She will support the communication and coordination among the EMODnet for Ocean Decade Coordination and Implementation Group, as well as assist in maintaining a cordial relationship between Seascape Belgium (as administrator of the EMODnet secretariat) and the National Marine Data & Information Service (NMDIS) of China.