Dr. Conor Delaney, Lead Manager Data Science

Dr. Conor Delaney is an environmental data scientist and has over 20 years of experience working at the intersection of applied environmental science and information technology, with an emphasis on geographical information systems and Earth observation and marine data. He was awarded  the position of visiting research fellow at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission where he worked on maritime affairs with a particular focus on improving access to and utilisation of marine science data. He has worked in a number of areas including urban air quality, climate change in the Arctic, water pollution management in the Irish sea, water quality management in rivers and lakes, shellfish aquaculture management and information technology for environmental management around Europe. Currently, his focus has been on the promise of Cloud computing to improve access to big data sets and the Digital Earth. Conor has also worked in the private sector as an environmental scientist and software engineer. He has an MSc in Environmental Science from Trinity College Dublin, and a PhD in Atmospheric Physics from National University of Ireland, Galway, of which he is an honorary member of faculty.

For Seascape Belgium, Conor is taking on a senior position at the EMODnet Secretariat as Technical Coordinator.