Seas, Oceans & Public Health in Europe (SOPHIE)

This European Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action (CSA) brings marine and environmental scientists together with medical and social scientists, public health and other experts to foster interdisciplinary research on the interconnections between Oceans had Human Health in Europe. The project is gathering information from many different sources: from citizens; from research findings; from data repositories; and from existing European policies. Looking towards the future, SOPHIE is a strategic project which will not only develop a network but also a ‘research road map’, setting the course for scientists to gather evidence and inform policies which enhance and protect both human health and the health of the marine environment. Seascape consultants are involved in assessing public opinion of European citizens related to the interaction between the marine environment and our health and well-being, evaluation of environmental and public health data resources as well as policies relevant in this framework. More information at