Open Science for the Ocean : the Blue-Cloud Project Open Event

23 March 2021

The Blue-Cloud project has recently celebrated an open event to share the progress achieved so far in the evolution of its web-based, marine Open Science services. Blue-Cloud’s Virtual Research Environment and its five demonstrators -showcasing the potential of web-based Open Science in the marine domain- were presented, inviting participants to join in testing their virtual labs, as they open to the public for wider interaction with potential users.

During the event, Seascape Belgium presented the latest updates on community dialogue on the Blue-Cloud Roadmap to 2030. A public consultation will be launched in June 2021 towards co-creating a shared vision on how web-based marine Open Science should develop to 2030 to best serve societal needs, capitalizing on Blue-Cloud’s assets and results. Stay tuned for the launch of the consultation or sign-up to the Blue-Cloud newsletter to be the first to receive the v1 draft of the Blue-Cloud Roadmap and have your say on your needs, priorities and user applications.