Human Health and EU maritime policy: Closing the loop

06 March 2020

Seascape Belgium are a partner in the Seas Oceans and Public Health in Europe (SOPHIE) project, which is helping to build new research capacity for the emerging scientific discipline of Oceans and Human Health.

Seascape Belgium are happy to announce the release of their SOPHIE Policy Brief Report which presents the key findings of their SOPHIE Policy Review task. This pilot study examined selected marine and maritime policies, strategies and legislative instruments in the context of the Integrated Maritime Policy. The report recommends that a ‘Health in All Policies’ approach should be taken in the future development and implementation of all marine and maritime policies, many of which already take account of the health of the marine environment, and incorporate or support an ecosystem based approach to management. Opportunities to better align existing marine and maritime policy goals, and related monitoring procedures, with human health and well-being policy goals are identified, particularly in the context of Big Data and the success of the EU’s Marine Knowledge 2020 Strategy. Recommendations are made on how to achieve win-wins for both marine environmental health and human health and well-being, within the current marine and maritime policy framework.


Download the SOPHIE Policy Brief Report - Human health and EU maritime policy: Closing the loop