The Horizon Europe project “Integration of biodiversity monitoring data into the Digital Twin Ocean” (DTO-BioFlow) will unlock “sleeping” biodiversity data enabling the sustained flow of these and new data via primary integrators and EMODnet into the EU Digital Twin Ocean. It will create a digital replica of marine biological processes transforming new and existing data flows into evidence-based knowledge. DTO-BioFlow will transform access to data on ocean biodiversity and the human activities that impact them, by enabling the sustainable integration of biodiversity monitoring data flows into the EU DTO, enriching digital tools and services thus unlocking the societal value of these data. To fully exploit the potential of these new and existing data flows, DTO-BioFlow will develop the biodiversity component of the DTO, i.e., the digital replica of marine ecological processes, bringing together data, models and new algorithms supporting the development of policy-relevant tools and services for effective monitoring, restoration, and protection of marine biodiversity, delivering to the objectives of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the EU Biodiversity Strategy.

As Partner of the Project Consortium, Seascape Belgium will be leading a task working to deliver “2030 Biodiversity Targets & Digital Twinning in support of Mission Ocean”.

Visit the project website: https://dto-bioflow.eu/