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Seascape Belgium offers services to marine offshore and coastal operators, managers, policy makers and funders focusing on knowledge based solutions for sustainable management and development of our seas and oceans. We operate mainly at the interface between marine science, policy and industry. Established in 2017, Seascape Belgium specialises in the coordination/management of multidisciplinary marine science projects in support of policy/industry, and the provision of high-level advice to various stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, policymakers, industry and NGOs. Our expertise includes developing solutions for issues related to ocean governance, marine pollution, coordination of ocean observing and marine monitoring efforts, marine research infrastructures, management of marine data and information as well as facilitating Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) processes at the national, sea-basin and pan-European level. Seascape Belgium staff have long standing experience with science communication, event organisation, stakeholder engagement and facilitation of science-policy interfaces. We work alongside leading scientists around the world, and are partners in a number of major European research programmes addressing marine issues and opportunities. Find out more about our full range of activities on our portfolio page.


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The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is a network of European organisations working together to observe the oceans, to make the collected marine data freely available and interoperable, to create seamless data layers across sea-basins and to distribute the data and data products through the Internet. The primary aim of EMODnet is to unlock existing but fragmented and hidden marine data and make them accessible for a wide range of users including private bodies, public authorities and researchers.

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