Dr. Xiaoyu Fang, Project Officer

Xiaoyu Fang holds a bachelor’s degree in Coastal and Oceanographic Science and a master’s degree in Physical Geography. She is trained as a marine scientist at the University of Ghent and Plymouth University and obtained a joint PhD degree in Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation (MARES). She developed a predictive framework of biodiversity and ecosystem service in the Scheldt estuary (Belgium and Netherlands) in her PhD research with a focus on gaining insight in the response of the estuarine ecosystem functioning to human-induced hydro-morphological and biogeochemical changes. Her master’s study was focused on reanalyzing meteorological data to develop high-resolution abiotic scenarios for water-balance modelling in the Tibetan plateau (China). With over 10 years of experience of using R and MATLAB programming in mathematical modelling, she gained hands-on experience in accessing the dynamics of human-nature relationships. Additionally, she possesses the experience in scientific research project management such as the field excursion coordination of Sino-German research projects in the Tibet and the event organization of the German-China Geo-alumni meeting. At the EMODnet Secretariat she will support communication and outreach activities, including online communication, stakeholder dissemination and engagement activities. She will also provide technical and coordination support to projects including the H2020 Blue Cloud.